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Google Earth Rendering

Second time launching Crestline. Not the most graceful launch as I was a tad nervous about Crestline winds, combined with wanting to spend the extra 15 seconds to double check the replacement brake line I put in after my last flight. (The sheething of one of my upper cascade brake line had caught on a rock on launch a while back and gotten torn, finally got it replaced). Worked the ridge at Crestline only briefly, then bailed to head out and get over regionals. Made regionals with about 200’ to spare, still not 100% comfortable with Crestline, need to get there so I can actually try to work the ridge there on good days.

After getting to Regionals, worked that a little bit, the air was pretty punchy, with thermals that seemed pretty broken up. Only really properly cored a few of them, the rest of the time was mostly boating around, hitting lift, then sink, then lift, with nothing really coreable. Fun none the less!

The KML File.