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Website Alexa Rank Monthly Impressions
Familybtc 43,814 881,701


Bitcoin faucet + Paid to click and GPT site.

Ad Spots

Name Size Location Impressions (Month) Price per 1000 impressions
Top left 468x60 Top left home page 43 0.00004359BTC ($0.15)
Faucet 728x90 Under the faucet 59,269 0.00004359BTC ($0.15)
Slider 300x250 Slider Left side home page sticky --- 0.00011623BTC ($0.40)
View Ads page 160x600 View ads page left side 2 0.00004359BTC ($0.15)
Sticky header Top Sticky Header 801,848 0.00011623BTC ($0.40)
Grid left 160x600 Grid page, left position 20,539 0.00004359BTC ($0.15)